Allowing the Purity of a Blank Slate

I sat down this afternoon to create a video about the Blank Slate. That point of presence from within which you're able to create ANYTHING you wish. That blank canvas (literally and figuratively) which actually exists in every single present moment. And you always get to choose your direction.

I choose my direction based on moment-to-moment impulses - otherwise known as intuition. By detaching from my own agenda and from any expectations, I'm better able to hear (I "hear" viscerally via impulses versus some literal big booming voice) the music of the art. And I allow that "music" to move me.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 6.04.37 PM.png

The best thing about the literal blank canvas (as well as each present moment) is that you never have to know where it's going to go next. There is no "next" - there is only "now." And in each now moment, the energy is pure, so the frequency of your intention is more powerfully amplified without distortion. You don't need to know how each move you make will unfold; all you need to know is that you can take any step you choose. And your possible choices in the next moment will be completely fresh!

While some artists have taught about the intimidation of the blank canvas and needing to get marks and layers down as quickly as possible, I am most invigorated with a clean slate. It's why I do so many spontaneous quickie art sessions, where I sit down with a stack of blank paper and go to town.

When there are too many marks or too many layers already on a piece (just as in life when there's been too much baggage already layered on a relationship), I can find myself feeling stuck. Feeling heavy. And it takes much more effort to find the flow again. Whereas with a blank canvas, I can FEEL all the magic just waiting to be expressed in the purity of the moment, in the purity of the paint.

This video's about 20 minutes - I start with a blank canvas and some mixed media supplies and chat about keeping things pure...

If you'd like some personal support and coaching on your own intuitive art process or oracle card design artwork, hit me up! I've got sessions where I do clearing on what's holding you back while you create, too!