Honoring Your Rhythm; Flow vs. Force

Summer seems to be the perfect time to fall into a rhythm. In the hot and dry desert-like climate of Western Colorado, when I rely on fans to keep the air from getting stagnant and unbearable, rhythm is essential.

My two dogs, Ronan and Stucky, wake me up without fail just as the sun is rising each morning. Around 5am, I hear Ronan's distinct and urgent whine as he paces back and forth in front of me, occasionally touching his nose to mine to make sure I'm listening. So I get up. Truthfully, walking the dogs this early in the morning is perfect timing, as it's cool enough outside to initially need a sweatshirt.

On days when I'm not going into the office, I notice myself laying low in the middle of the day when the sun beats down most powerfully, finally stirring again when the coolness returns as the sun sets. I'm allowing my own rhythm to match the heat's. Flowing casually instead of forcing myself to "deal."

But waking up so early in the morning isn't always "right" for me. It changes, as many rhythms do. I've tried multiple times to "make myself" a consistent morning person, but I'm usually not. I have my own rhythms.

In the past, I've tried to force myself to become an active morning person, but it never worked out. Throughout my 20s, I was a hard-core fitness trainer who'd always volunteer to teach the 6am spin classes. Because I thought that kind of commitment would force me to adhere, even if it was unnatural. In the dead of winter, I'd find myself excited for awhile, and then gradually start sleeping through my alarm, and ultimately end up offering my early morning classes to another instructor.

Honoring our rhythms is not failing; it's simply refusing to force.


As of this blog post, I'm 21 posts into a 30-day blogging challenge which I agreed to through Fire of the Diamond. But I realized after the first week that I simply could not (and therefore would not) commit to writing seven posts per week. I felt into my own rhythm and knew I needed one day per week with no deadlines, no deliverables.

Having that space, that flexibility, gave me confidence that I could honor my natural inclination, taking time to recharge and refresh when I needed it.  So I altered the challenge to suit me: 30 posts, but only 6 days per week. You see, I'm acknowledging and honoring my own rhythms. My own energetic ebb and flow.

Just as I gave up structured fitness routines and plans years ago because the rigidity of "must eat this on that schedule" and "must work out for this long at that time" caused me much more frustration and discouragement than it empowered me.  I found myself living by the clock, terrified if I missed a workout or timed my meal "wrong." It's only been over the last 10 years or so, having given up any structured fitness or nutrition regime, that my body has finally found its own rhythm. Because I allowed it to, with zero force! And I'm happier with my weight now than I ever have been.

So, with that theme in mind, and in order to support your own empowerment in honoring your personal intuitive rhythms and flow, I requested a frequency recipe of Anahata Codes with that intention:

Frequency Label


Print out (or hand-draw) this label and tape it to a bottle of water numbers-side-facing-in. Let it charge to water for 6-8 hours, and then drink to amplify your physical resonance with the frequencies of these Codes. As long as the water bottle still has some water left inside, you can refill it and not need to repeat the charging process.  You can also charge crystals by cleansing them first (through intention, breath, sage, salt, sunlight, etc) and then setting them on top of the label for a few hours to charge.

Descriptions of the Codes which came forward:

Planetary Archetype of Pluto
Transformation, creation, regeneration, renewal, power struggles. Control vs empowerment. When we let go of the things in life that control rules, we can open ourselves to our personal empowerment. We do not need to attain it, build it, protect it, or hold on to it. We merely acknowledge it, respect it in others, and have faith in the freedom felt when we know it is ours to keep. Source

Biological Process of Diuresis   
An abnormally heavy or increased discharge or flow of urine. — diuretic, n., adj. 

Biological Process of Diaphoresis    
Sweating, especially when artificially induced. — diaphoretic, adj.

The Explorer - The Soul Type
As an archetype, the explorer speaks to all characters who want to venture or explore and to the 9-10% (according to MBTI stats) of our population who spend time exploring new learnings, and creating new insights for our world. The explorer isn’t solely about exploring an external world, it’s also very internally based: exploring ourselves and sense of identity. Source

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