More Anahata Codes: Amplify Your Creative Connection

Yes, I did it again!

A recipe of three more Anahata Codes. This time, with the intention to activate and amplify your connection to your own unique, innate creativity! Which will assist you in your oracle deck design, or ANY other creative endeavor/desire, really! (You can make Your Own Oracle Deck by enrolling in the amazing Create Your Own Oracle Deck e-course with coaching and energy work, too!)


  • The Lover - The Soul Type: There is strength in intimacy; divinity in love, and no archetype wields this power more skillfully than the Lover: aptly named, often misunderstood. The Lover presides over all love: familial, religious, cultural, romantic, peaceful. The Lover desires their anima and animus to be united, in whatever form that might be.
  • Goddess Cordelia: Cordelia’s themes are blessings, prayer, beauty, fairies and wishes. Cordelia is the beautiful Goddess of spring and summer flowers, and of flower fairies. She was originally a sea queen, daughter of the sea god, Lyr.  Geoffrey of Monmouth claimed that Cordelia, the human form of the Goddess, ruled the land after her father died. Cordelia helps with celebration, courage, gardening and flowers, joy, life changes and stress management.
  • Love-based emotion of "Dreaminess"


To amplify and deepen your own resonance with the Anahata Codes we've just installed and activated, you may choose to print out (or hand write) this label, and then tape it to a bottle of water (printed/written side facing the water, letting it charge for 6 hours before drinking), or even lay cleansed crystals on top of it. You could also carry the label in your pocket or purse. 

anahata codes frequency label

Additional words from Anahata herself: "

"Anahata Codes articulate the intelligence of things which hold these qualities and deliver them to your energy field so that it may use them to balance. Nothing is required on your part other than drinking the charged water. You're body will do the rest. You can not "overdose" or "underdose" as it is your own body using the codes to find homeostasis perfectly as is needed for each individual person. The frequency recipe is safe for kids, pets, and adults. There is no force or manipulation, your body takes what it needs and disregards the rest... Also, please understand that it's your own energy doing the healing and that it requires energy to do so."