The Daily Spread: Intuitive "Paint With Me"

It’s been awhile since I’ve created any intuitive art videos. There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes — including having to move 3 times in the last YEAR! Which has meant that the form of my creating had to change.

Excuses? Not so much, because I haven’t let the instability nor lack of space keep me from creating, period. I had no space for my plethora of accumulated supplies, and my big canvases also went into storage. But I have continued to create by adapting the form.

I’ve played in sketchbooks, created new Animals of Inspiration illustrations, made more Dancing Uniquorns… I’ve printed stickers and made pin buttons and more. I even purchased my first-ever iPad and used it to created custom oracle cards for a new client, as well as making some more happy stickers!

WE also haven’t had cell phone nor internet access at home for the past year — but again, I simply changed the form of my creativity instead of halting it altogether. You can see more in-depth behind the scenes by becoming a patron, btw. :)

That said, the kiddo and I are finally settling into our new space and even though I can’t upload from home, I CAN record all in one sitting in the mornings, then stitch it all together using the Splice app on my phone, then upload once I get to town. And it’s been really fun to get back into videos - and intuitive art - again!