The Issue of Alignment

I was going back through some of my "inspired writing" this morning, and felt compelled to type up this bit and share it with you:

The issue of alignment isn't so that you shame yourself. And it's not always about "getting into" alignment," since the thing you think you want may already be behind you, energetically. In that case, aligning with it in order to "get" it would mean taking a step backwards. 

So, instead of aligning with a "thing" or trying to manipulate a result... What if you aligned yourself to your Highest Potential and allowed a space - a vortex - to create itself around you, drawing in new adventures and opportunity almost automatically?

What if, instead of working hard to "align," you relaxed and invited in more than you can even see? For the invisible won't always remain so. The invisible holds infinite potential and infinite energy and it is just as available to you. But you must claim your own availability to receive it. You must learn to trust that more is on its way. If only you could see it all!

It isn't a bad thing if something isn't aligned to you. Don't hold yourself back trying to have it. KNOW that, if you're already past something, you are open and available to the next best thing ahead of you. The next big thing. Something bigger. Because YOU are bigger.

As if I ever needed to doubt Divine Timing. This was the perfect message 9of my own, no less!) for me to re-read today.

The LIVE run of my Create Your Own Oracle Deck course was supposed to start on October 3 - in a little over a week. I made the decision 2 months ago to start preparing to run it live again based on 12 lovely souls who were excited, and ready to go with their oracle deck ideas! I assumed this meant the idea was "aligned." I upgraded the course content, added in weekly guided intuitive art sessions and limiting belief/blocks clearings... I've been super psyched to share even more magic with these magical beings!

Then, last night - a week before the course is set to start - EVERYONE (save one faithful creative soul) suddenly backed out. Everyone. Meaning (as of today) I have one confirmed soul still planning to participate in this magnificent, magical course! 

So was was the message I shared above so appropriate? Because I had felt this course - and running it live for a wonderful group of people - was aligned. I'd set my intention to have the course filled so that I would be supported in putting a lot of time and heart and soul into it - and those participating. I was eager to give AND receive. Achieve balance.

Yet, perhaps it's no longer aligned for me. Perhaps I've energetically moved PAST this incarnation of my course, or perhaps, in the last two months (since I had 12 eager oracle deck creators knocking on my door), I've leaped too far ahead of those who were originally aligned. Perhaps I'm calling in a new, more powerful group of beings.

Or perhaps my new alignment is to something even greater.

Either way, I am trusting in the process. And I'm aligning myself to my Highest Potential so that my magic continues to reach those it was meant for! And I hope someday that may be YOU! <3

What have YOU shifted past, and where can YOU open to and align with More? Will you open to the possibility of an alignment that you can't yet see?