Between Worlds

Between Worlds. An original 3 foot by 3 foot canvas by Mellie Test, infused with Anahata Codes Assisting Frequencies.

Between Worlds. An original 3 foot by 3 foot canvas by Mellie Test, infused with Anahata Codes Assisting Frequencies.

Between Worlds is the title of this magical painting.  As it's the perfect lead-in to the piece I wrote for you today. A piece heavily influenced by my recent work with the Anahata Codes.

As a Certified Anahata Codes Practitioner,  I asked the painting which Assisting Frequencies would most benefit those in need of its medicine, and it requested the following two frequencies be installed:

Planetary Energy of the Sun
"The Sun is the Great “I am”, the “One Without a Second”, and as this great force of Divine Power, it is also where our personal sense of Self Identity is formed. The Sun is not just the “Soul”, but is also the Inner Fire of Truth which burns away and purifies the False Sense of Self. It burns away the attachments we have formed through various lifetimes. As part of our spiritual sadhana, we also are connecting to the Deeper Universal Self and releasing attachment to the Ego."

Planetary Energy of Venus
"Venus is considered one of the most benefic planets in Vedic astrology. It represents beauty, affluence, luxuries, comfort, pleasure, vehicles, wisdom, luck, respect, arts, music, appearance, creativity, love, gains, peace of mind, good reputation in society, strong intellect, vehicles, high designation and spirituality."

So we have access - through this painting - to Divine Intelligence supporting unification with the Soul Self as well as beauty and creativity.

And these energies lead us into a greater message I brought through for you:

The heart IS the Source Point. The heart is the pivotal place from which everything can be connected. And from which everything can be expanded. You have the capacity when you tap into this place to create you heart’s desires. But first you must allow the flow. Your ability to channel the energy and to create this way is only restricted by how much or how little you are willing to open to. How much and how little you are willing to trust. How much and how little you are willing to allow.

Because allowing is the key.

So many times you are looking for something *else*. You are looking for something that you sense to be outside of your Self. Yet by bringing this energy *in* to your Self and through your channel, you are allowing all of your meridians, all of your rivers, all of your beautiful channels of light to be filled with this essence. By inviting it in, by allowing the vortex of your energy field to spin it into the stillness. Into the essence, like a centrifuge, you are left with the very core of what you think that you are seeking/.  The key is to allow yourself to be bathed in this energy, internally and externally. To work with this energy, not through force, but again through allowing.

How does this energy want to move in YOU?

Do not judge your creations by how they look or by how they compare to someone else, because your system will create its own *unique alchemy* when introduced to these new energies. It is unpredictable yet not in a scary way. It is unpredictable in the delightful excited way in that wondrous curious way, because you will be delighted when you allow these energies to flow. The more you can let go, the more you detach from outcome – from expectations, from your own mind’s constructs of what is good and bad - the more you allow the flow and allow yourself to play (without a destination, for play is a destination in and of itself)… 

Play opens you up to joy, to love, to magic.  

Play opens you up to the unexpected and the continual reminder that there is more for you than what you think you can see. In fact there is *so* much more than what you think you can see that allowing yourself to create this way gives you but a taste. But this taste is the key. This taste will unlock an even more abundant flow.  It will unlock more channels, more doors that are ready to open as this energy flows through your system.

As the energy hits new channels, they will begin to invite in more flow as well and you will finds your system continually flooded with this new magical sense of possibility. Delight in the process. Delight in the movement.

As you move, you are also grounding the energy.

You are giving it a physical form so that it does not remain in the ethers. You are grounding it into you art. You are grounding it into your body. As you move your body, you are encouraging that flow to continue and to magnify. To increase its light and to increase its volume. As you move, you are moving the energy through your body.

You are nourishing your cells on a deep level.

Because this powerful energy that you are inviting in comes into contact with your cells, and as one cell begins to resonate, so do the cells around it. It’s a constant process of physical nourishment as well as spiritual and esoteric manifestation.

The grounding also reconnects you to the earth when you involve more of your physical body. You are electrifying your body. You are amping it up and you are because you are connected to the earth bringing that energy through the earth and becoming a bridge between earth and sky.

You are the bridge. You are the TRANSFORMER.

You are the one who will transform this energy in the way you were meant to, based on your own unique physiology and spiritual makeup. You have come here to express. You have come here to manifest. But in order to manifest, it is essential to come from the heart.

So much “manifestation” is about the mind: it’s about affirmations, it’s about rewriting beliefs, it’s about journaling, it’s about vision boards. Things that are coming from the mind, saying, "What do you desire?"

Yet many desires are not coming from the heart.

Many desires are coming from what you think you need. Or what you think you should have. Or what you think might be fun to try. Again, this isall thinking, and we are asking you to FEEL - in the heart space, in that void: the Source Point, the place of all possibility

It is only when you are truly connected to this place of possibility and amplify your own connection to what you desire, within your own field. Because it is already within your own field. You are created from Source, and everything is made of Source. Therefore, you are already connected to what you think is “out there.” You are already a part of it; it is already a part of you.

By coming to the Source Point, we enter that black hole.

We are connected through wormholes and portals to what we desire. Therefore, going within is more important than going without. In order to manifest, you must have a heart generated desire and heart generated actions.

Divine Timing also comes into play, for you are being guided.

When you *decide* to manifest, often it is from a place of deciding mentally, or challenging the Universe, or trying to escape what is. It is first necessary to *accept* what is. It is necessary to accept your current state – your current physical body, your current financial circumstances. It is necessary to accept - in order to move beyond. Otherwise, you are continuing to create resistance and polarity. You are continuing to separate yourself from the wholeness you are. From the Creator Power that you have.  You are reinforcing a separation instead of coming into unity, which is what we suggest. It is what we recommend because your power is then concentrated and amplified.

And you will strengthen the magnetism of your heart.

Unity. Power. Creative essence. It's all there for you.

AS you.