Activating Support to Release Fear

My Find Your Uniquorn: A Creative Intuitive Treasure Hunt Journey course is about finding that beautiful unique unicorn (Uniquorn) creator inside of you. Releasing your own signature creative spark so that she can sparkle - instead of clinging to the shadows.


And before we can find your Uniquorn - before we can coax her out into the clearing - we must provide safety and security so that she can step out into the open without fear. Because she can not and will not step forward if she's afraid.

We use tools to create a clearing in the deep forest of tangled beliefs and emotions so that she can emerge without anticipating attack. We provide support. And with ample support, it's finally safe for the fight or flight impulses to subside. As they subside, we've then created space for emergence and growth.

On the road to achieving numerous fitness practitioner certifications years ago (before officially earning my Masters degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion), we emphasized the importance of not stretching "for the sake of stretching." Of actually paying attention to what the body is doing and why. 

Because even when your muscles seem tight or you have impaired mobility in an area, stretching might actually hurt you. If the tightness or immobility is your body protecting an unstable joint, for example, stretching around that joint can put you at risk instead!

So we need to make sure that the physical instability is supported before releasing the body's protective response. Just as we make sure you're supported on an energetic level before coaxing your creative spirit into full view.

Enter the Anahata Codes. Providing quantum-level support on any and all layers of your being, through all time and space. Meaning installing and activating Anahata Codes impacts your past, present, and future trajectory!

I've asked the collective consciousness of all of you who will ever read this post and/or watch this video:

  1. Which fears you most need to release in order for you to more powerfully own your Creator-ship?
  2. Which Anahata Code Assisting Frequencies will provide the quantum support to allow those fears to release? 

I asked Source precisely which frequencies you most need to have enough support to be able to let go of the fears that were chosen. The intention is for you to finally feel SAFE to let go of these fears... So that you can let your Magical Uniquorn Creator Self to take center stage.

    The greatest thing about Anahata Code Assisting Frequencies? They ONLY work for Highest Good. Meaning Anahata channels them to only activate in support of positive intentions.


      Are you ready to activate quantum-level support to enable the release of the Fear of Evil and Fear of Being Plagued? Muscle testing confirmed that these two fears would be most powerful for you all to let go of!

      Here's the 11 minute Anahata Codes Activation video!

      (By the way, you can always book your own 1:1 Anahata Codes activation session with me over here! We'll hone in on support for YOUR unique specific needs based on your chosen intentions!)

      And here's a Frequency Label for Deeper Support!


      Simply print it out (or write it by hand), tape it numbers-side-facing in on a bottle of water, and let it sit about 6-8 hours. Then the water is "charged," and drinking the charged water will support you in more strongly resonating with the Codes on a physical level. As long as there's still water in the bottle when you refill it, you don't even need to repeat the charging process!

      As mentioned in the video, these are the two fears which came forward to be cleared, along with the respective Codes supporting that clearing:

      To Support the Release of "Fear of Evil"

      Arc of the Covenant

      "The Arc is a metaphor for a container, chest, box, or vessel which holds a source of light or consciousness through which all is created. Physical reality is the Arc or Box. Consciousness manifests as light within the box. To quest for the Arc is to quest for the nature of reality, creation, and where it is all quickly evolving in the alchemy of time. The word 'ark' or 'arc' links to mathematics and the blueprint of human creation, sacred geometry." Source

      Planetary Energy of Chiron

      "Wounded Healer. This is all about the 'wounds' of the 3D experience giving way to balance and movement to higher levels of consciousness. It is about letting go of the ties that bind you to the emotions of the physical realms and the rebirth of your soul/consciousness in higher light - higher frequency of thought and understanding. Chiron's position is a very sensitive point in the birth chart. It magnetises to itself experiences that reinforce the primal experience of pain and rejection."

      To Support the Release of "Fear of Being Plagued"

      Canadian Essence of Pussy Willow

      "Letting go. Balances when feeling stuck, rigid, having difficulty to give and receive with ease. Balances awkwardness, denying pleasure. Amplifies flowing, gracefulness, rhythm, sharing and enjoying." Source

      Number 7

      "Seven is known to be the number of creation, representing the live relationship between the human energies and the Divine world.

      “Seven is the number of realization of the space-time.” --Abellio

      "The essential process of creation consists in the polarization of Light, and its refraction through a prismatic perspective, turning the original Light into different frequencies of rays, each with a different wavelength, including the seven visible colored rays." Source