New Channeled Intuitive Art & a Message for You!

This lush, gorgeous piece came through absolutely effortlessly... and quickly! And it's given me a message for YOU!

It's time to give up your attachment to effort. To give up patting yourself on the back for all of your HARD WORK. Instead, let's start a new game. Because your struggle doesn't give you your value. 

There is so much hype about needing to work hard, needing to try, needing to achieve. And it's all an illusion you've chosen to accept. But it IS NOT TRUE. It is only true for you if you choose to accept it. And why would you accept the lie that you are only special if you work harder than everyone else? Why would you not CHOOSE another way? Why would you not choose to DELIGHT in the EASE that is offered to you at every turn?

Of course, the road of ease doesn't often look the way you've been taught a "path to success" SHOULD look. And that may frighten you some. Because what if YOUR success looks completely different than the picture you've been fed? What if the success waiting for you is a sense of TRUE FREEDOM? Of MAGIC? What if you're meant for something greater than you've yet seen to be possible? 

Dive into the lushness of YOUR own journey. There is no perfect vision. With each step you take, new doors will open. New choices will appear. And YOU GET TO CHOOSE. 

Prints of products bearing this magical - and energetically infused - piece can be found in my RedBubble shop!  And the original 7 x 10 ink and watercolor on Bristol paper is available in the FB shop.

(Oh, and speaking of journeys and choices, I'm hosting another FREE intuitive art playdate on Wednesday at noon Eastern (10am my time, which is Mountain - if you want to play, RSVP on the event page in my FREE FB group, Inspired Intuitive Art + Action! I'll show you how YOU can channel your OWN powerful daily art!)