New Channeled "Oracle Art," a Message, and a Healing

Tonight, I tried something new in the Abundance FLASHMOB group. I asked for volunteers and created 5 individual "oracle art" pieces over the course of 90 minutes. Oracle art as in, instead of pulling a card for someone, I tune in and CREATE the "card," which is original - and energetically infused - art!

I ran Reiki and Multidimensional Healing (can you feel it?!), and for each piece I also brought through the energies that wanted to support each person, listening to the whispers of the energy, and creating art. It was fascinating to do it live. And I talked through the entire process!

I also created the above piece as a container and support for the group - and you all are included in that container. This piece started off with some watery and moon energies, Divine Feminine origins. Then there was the glow of a sunrise that emerged. 

Green came in and the piece became reminiscent of flowers. New growth birthed from the feminine. 

Then followed the pink semicircles, which was new color emerging from the nurtured blooming space.

And next, a later of etched circles which felt like honeycomb, storing the energy and creating a container to give the energy direction, with a dynamic layer of circles on top to symbolize the dynamic energy of growth and emergence.

Enjoy the energies of this piece! And feel free to watch the whole recorded video, below!

If you'd like your own - for just $66 including international postage - check out the ordering page.

Or join the Abundance FLASHMOB group to watch the 90 minute video replay and watch the "oracle art" magic unfold for yourself!