Encore! LIVE & Expanded Create Your Own Oracle Deck Course!

Yes, I've been a bit MIA. LOTS shifting in my world, from living situation to relationship situation to employment situation... but I'm beginning to get my feet back under me, and I'll start sharing more about what I've learned.

But first...

A year ago this month, I launched and ran my "My Magic Oracle" Create Your Own Oracle Deck course - LIVE for the very first time. It was INCREDIBLE. Mainly, because of the 24 lovely souls I was able to guide and nurture as they began to bring their own magic forward.  Their ideas, their inspiration, their PASSION filled (and still fills) my heart.

Although the course is set up as an evergreen, anytime, DIY course (with unlimited FB access to my guidance and assistance), I've recently been nudged to run the course LIVE again!  (See the current course description, modules, and sample student work and reviews). 

And THIS time, the course will include some new and POWERFUL elements, such as TWO live video calls per week - one to lead you through brainstorming and creating intuitive artwork.  It will also last EIGHT WEEKS vs. the original four. Plus, you have forever access so you can take your time if you prefer.

PLUS... weekly bonus clearings and Sacred Activations to delete hundreds to thousands of limiting beliefs and patterns, so that your path is open to sharing your brilliance and magic! 


Are you ready to get YOUR magic into the world in the form of a deck? A deck to send your clients after they finish your course, program, or coaching series. A deck to pair with - and deepen - a course you've already created. What else can YOU envision for your own unique magic ad wisdom?!

In order to run the course LIVE, I do need a minimum of 10 committed magic makers. You will be able to make two monthly payments (through Paypal).  If you're interested, please respond to this email so that I can keep track. And also feel free to let me know your best days/times during the week for the live video calls - I would love to accommodate as many of you as possible to be there each time!

The course info with student samples, etc is here - but don't sign up just yet! Just respond to this email if you're game. 

In a week or so, I'll message everyone who's expressed interest so that we can get our schedules aligned to begin!

Oh, and so that we can get to 10 more quickly, PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR MAGICAL FRIENDS! :)
Also... feel free to join us anytime in my magical free Facebook group (Inspired Intuitive Art & Action), even if this course isn't for you right now...

Or, you can always check out my six other magical courses (with three more being developed right now!) over on Teachable.

I love you no matter what!!!