Depth and Wonder


I felt compelled to share about the importance of keeping our WONDER alive, each and every day. And the importance of realizing - and claiming, and CELEBRATING our depths.

Each of my paintings contains a LOT of layers. And each layer bears its own gifts. Each layer is just as important as the layers that came before, and the layers that will come after.

Just as, in our day to day lives, any given moment is just as important as the rest. Our lives are tapestries woven from the individual bits of magic we get to experience. From the layers of experience and insight we gain. The layers of our lives - just as in my paintings - create DEPTH. And in the depths is where the magic lies.

It's the DEPTH of our experiences that give our lives color. It's the depths from which we draw our most powerful stories and through which we are able to connect with others beyond the superficial. Through which we are gifted wisdom and healing.

The depth of my paintings, which comes from the layers, also create a richness that draws one in. That allows one to gaze, to soften, to be drawn in and nourished and healed. That allows one to find gifts, over and over again.

Sometimes, the depths can be frustrating. In our lives, we may wonder if we'll ever resurface. If we'll ever be rid of our baggage, if we'll ever find that elusive ease.

In my paintings, it's the impatience I get when I've already channeled 20 gorgeous layers and the painting STILL tells me it's not done. Not yet. Or when the layers get muddy and the painting tells me to keep going, even though I don't love what I see.

What then?

It's WONDER that allows me to trust, in life and in my work.

Focusing on my joy. Continuing to create and to enjoy the process. It's WONDER that allows me to trust, because I know that as long as I can find the joy and the gratitude and the amazement of all that I channel through me - the words, the art, the love, the connection with animals and nature and children - as long as I can find that, I'm safe. I'm alive. And I'm nourished.

I'm in awe of all I produce, even in the midst of circumstances that have me continuing to survive at the most basic of levels. I find the wonder. I stay in my passion as much as possible. I find joy and delight and hold on tight while also letting go of control. And I continue the journey.

I add more layers. And I trust it's leading me somewhere wonderful. And regardless, I'm finding wonder right NOW. And that's all that matters.

Where is your wonder?

(By the way, this original magic 6 x 6 inch painting is available in the shop on my FB page.)