Exclusive Magical Peacock Coloring Page!

A lovely (and adorable) little peacock came through today... I was planning on drawing a bee, but the peacock started demanding to be seen. And I hadn't yet created a peacock - she's not even represented in my Animals of Inspiration coloring book!

SO. The aspects of peacock energy that came through to be infused and were wanting to be emphasized:

Nothing need be taken too seriously. Take a light hearted approach. Lift yourself above the density; there's no need to be carried along with the heavier stuff. YOU GET TO CHOOSE to stay centered, step up into your confidence and present your true magnificence to the world! Don't be shy!

By the way, I channel animal medicine and healing energies into my art, so as you color, you'll be getting a dose of this potent animal wisdom and healing! Set your intentions to receive! 

Download your exclusive coloring page