"Silly" is the Best Sign

As I mention in almost all of my videos, my process of art making is ENTIRELY intuitive. Meaning I have NO plan. Except to play and to trust.

Even with my most recent Dancing Uniquorn series - which became an oracle deck, and which has most recently become a set of stickers! -  I created most of the watercolor backgrounds without any reason other than because playing with watercolor is so much gosh-darned FUN! And only after I had a stack of watercolor backgrounds (by thew way, I do have a super quick course on how I make them) - AND only after I started playing with drawing unicorns in my signature HeartFULL Pet Portrait style - did my brain explode with the MAGICAL IDEA to draw unicorns on the watercolor backgrounds!

So, I created the watercolor backgrounds. Then I started drawing unicorns. Then, when I had my bright idea, since I'd already been following my intuitive nudges by indulging in what was MOST FUN for me at the moment, I just happened to have a WHOLE STACK of watercolor backgrounds ready to become Dancing Uniquorns!

Follow the nudges, even and especially when they make no sense. Even and especially when they seem silly! (Me? A 40 year old single woman drawing unicorns? Just call me crazy cat lady already...) Because THAT is where the TRUE MAGIC lies!

And to be honest, I'm continually reminding myself of that. Because sometimes I still put pressure on myself to "make something good."  Sometimes, when I'm on layer 157 of a little bitty painting and it's still... not... complete...  I start to get impatient and wonder what I'm doing "wrong." See? You're not alone!

One of those "frustrating" paintings FINALLY told me it was complete a couple of days ago, and BOY was I relieved. And DELIGHTED!

Because it finally came together and full circle thanks to my continual practice of following the fun.

A couple of years ago now, the angelic Nichola Sherlock - a friend and fellow healer - had taken me on a lovely intuitive journey while I was going through a particularly rough patch in the realm of the entrepreneur. When our journey completed, she gave me a task: to create ART with my Inner Child!

This is one of the sketches I created:


The basic process she gave me was to use my non-dominant (which for me is my left) hand and allow my Inner Child to draw or sketch or scribble however she wanted to. When my Inner Child was done, I was to switch to my dominant (for me, my right) hand and continue drawing on the same paper.  I repeated this simple and delightful tag-team process several times, and taped the drawings to the wall inside of my then-closet, so that I could see them every morning when I opened it.

Even though it's been about two YEARS, and even though my son and I have since switched rooms and they've been hanging in HIS closet, I've had the same sketches taped up on the same wall all this time. Because I would still see them every time I put my son's clothes away, and I loved the feeling of love and nurturing that they gave me.

ANYWAY. Cut to present day.

A few days ago, I did a Facebook Live video (which is actually in the previous blog post if you haven't seen it and would like to) in which I showed the painting in its current state and talked about all the phases it had been through. Here's a screenshot of the canvas as it was - I was finally really digging the colors, but still had no idea what would come next!


Then, the very next day... I saw my Inner Child drawings in my son's closet and felt compelled to pull them off of the wall. The sketch image I posted earlier in this post called to me. I stared at it for awhile, and then I felt the urge to grab the colorful canvas from the video and actually use my old sketch as new inspiration!  I took one of my magical Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers and, looking at my old sketch, drew the very same image on top of my canvas.  And then felt like adding some white paint. And then felt like adding a few extra whimsical shapes.

The point is that if I hadn't have done the "silly" things that I felt compelled to do along the way - if I hadn't drawn with my Inner Child and then saved the silly drawings (for two years!) just because I loved these simple, pure things (for no other reason at all) - I wouldn't have had this EXACT inspiration available EXACTLY WHEN I needed it. EXACTLY WHEN this exact canvas finally had enough colors and layers and depth to be ready for this imagery to appear.

So follow the silly and follow the fun. PAY ATTENTION to what's delighting you and then give yourself permission to DO IT. All the time.

And, because I've been listening and PLAYING as much as I can, here's where we are now... Finally! I think I'm in love!

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