Exclusive Animal Coloring Pages!

So, I was STILL sick yesterday and just couldn't muster the energy nor enthusiasm to post, and I thought I'd make it up to you by sharing not one, but THREE exclusive coloring pages - one from each of my three upcoming coloring books (coloring books for adults and coloring books for kids - EVERYONE loves animals!): HeartFULL Cats, HeartFULL Dogs, and HeartFULL Horses!  

A cool fun fact?  Each of these animals is an actual fur baby, dear to someone's heart, whether in body or in spirit.

Another fun fact? Many of the cat pages (like Calvin, above) are actual drawings from my Messages of Meow Oracle Deck and many of the dogs (like Luca, above) are from my Messages from the Dogs Oracle Deck! I haven't yet completed a horse deck, but as soon as I finish all the horse portraits for the coloring book, I just might!

A third fun fact? I created timelapse videos for the actual "making of" Luca's original portrait!

A fourth fun fact? Since animals are here to support and guide us, each of these animals has a particular wisdom to share. And I channel that energy into my artwork. So as you color, as long as you're open to receive, you'll be activating and absorbing whatever wisdom and support each of these lovelies has for YOU!

So here's the PDF download link for the coloring pages. ENJOY!

(Oh, and in case you're wondering, of course I still offer custom enchanted pet portraits, as well!)