New Magical FAIRY Coloring Page + Intuitive Art Playdate Recording!

Today's inspiration came from Marie, who's one of my pals from the Soul Medicine Tribe FB Group run by unicorn Hillary Schneider. She suggested a fairy with the words, "Just Magic!"

So I obliged, delightedly! Here's your PDF download link!

I've asked this little fairy if she has any further wisdom to share, and here's what she says:

I'm here to remind you that you hold your OWN magic. And it's not even deep inside of you - it IS you. Every bit of you IS that magical thing you've been seeking. 

Which means - you can STOP SEEKING. You already ARE the person you've wanted to be. You already HAVE that power and grace. All you need to do is to acknowledge it.

By the way, I held another FREE LIVE Intuitive Art Playdate today, and you can download the video recording if you'd like to PLAY along! 

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