Original Dolphin Coloring Page for YOU! (Animals of Inspiration Illustration)

LOOK what beautiful MAGIC came through today!  I fully owe this inspiration to the magical Miss Nichola Sherlock (she has a FB group called Healer in My Pocket). I've had a few healing sessions and guided journeys with her over the past year, and her energy is just delicious!

Anyway, the story: I posted a quick promo image (below) for my Animals of Inspiration series tees. The original ink and watercolor illustrations (which became tees and mugs and duvet covers and more) were the precursors to my Animals of Inspiration coloring book.

Nichola commented on my post, and I asked her if she had any requests for animals and/or inspirational phrases.

She said that a dolphin and the phrase, "Just Love," came immediately to mind!

Instantly I was inspired, and took an early lunch break from my current day job to sketch, then ink, then watercolor a brand new illustration of just that!

I quickly Googled Dolphin energy for a message and the following paragraph jumped out from this page:

"Dolphin medicine represents the sacredness of all life and the abundance of the primordial sea. They are the gatekeepers to other realms and may teach us how to pass freely between this world and others. Dolphins carry this ability because they are mammals that live in the sea. They live in two worlds, the world of air and the world of water. Like Whales, Dolphins teach us how to remain open to living in more than one way and environment, this is especially helpful for those who feel they are living a dual lifestyle, for example the Accountant who is also a practicing Medium on the weekends! "

I channel animal medicine into my art, and I was also channeling Reiki while creating this piece, so by coloring (and even just gazing at my artwork or your finished colored page), you'll be receiving the support and strengths of dolphin! Simply intend to be open to receiving what you need.

If you're still with me...

Here is your original exclusive PDF coloring page: JUST LOVE.

AND... the final gorgeous watercolor illustration in also now available on various products in my RedBubble shop! Just look at this juiciness! I'm so excited!!