Guided Meditation: Attracting Your Support!

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a weekly group session with Kim Eibrink Jansen, and she had me ask my team for marketing advice.

I was feeling a bit frustrated, because I produce content and share - from my heart - like crazy, yet I often feel invisible. I have SO much to share (and I do, for free, and with JOY... these blog posts are an example of that), yet it's not spreading further and I can't understand why not! And I definitely I don't have the resources for an ads budget or hiring outside marketing support at the moment.

Frankly, if I'm going to inspire people the way I KNOW that I can, I need to be SEEN and HEARD on a larger scale. My energy needs to be FELT! (Don't worry; I've been doing a LOT of healing and clearing work around this invisibility stuff for a LONG time - it's been a thread throughout most of my life, actually.)

So, at Kim's suggestion, I closed my eyes and asked how I could expand my reach. I started to picture an interconnected web of lights, all linked to each other, and noticed them pulsing, coming together like a tapestry that wrapped itself around my intention to expand my reach like a cozy, cuddly blanket.

I'd also just finished a 21 day meditation series on Daily OM called "21 Days to the Ultimate Feminine You," and I've never felt so connected to my Divine Feminine self and power. The woman who created the course, Jumana Sophia, created the most LOVELY and resonant daily meditations! What I learned from her work - connecting to the womb as a source of support and presence - also made its way into my visualization.

So, after working with the imagery I received for about a week, it began to evolve, and this meditation below is the result. I recorded it on my phone and felt compelled to share it with YOU.

It's all about BEing and nurturing your Divine Feminine presence. And DOING NOTHING. Naturally emanating effortlessly. Pulsing with your own presence. (I don't even like using the word "attracting" because it implies DOing!)  Noticing the connections being made, gathering around you, and calling more to you!

Enjoy! Its about 12 minutes long!