Frequencies for Hearing Your Intuition When Creating Your Oracle Deck

Today, I asked for a recipe of Anahata Codes to most increase the intuitive receptivity of each of you. Yes, I'm a Certified Anahata Codes Practitioner, so you're in good hands, I promise!

I'm ALSO a professional graphic designer and artist. A seasoned oracle deck creator and oracle deck design coach. And a healer with many other complementary modalities under my belt. And all of these tools and experiences became the most magical mix a couple of years back, leading me to unleash my passion in assisting you to release yours.

Because we are all Creators. And the best way to create - and ESPECIALLY to create an oracle deck that truly embodies and translates the fullness of YOUR unique magic - is to release attachments to form, and then maximize your ability to receive the intuitive hits that are already banging down your door. :) 

Are you ready to install and activate the Codes?

The Anahata Codes which your higher selves chose and which we activated are:

  • Assisting Frequency for the emotion of easy going
  • Justice Tarot Archetype: Represents justice, fairness, truth and the law. Indicates the fairest decision/outcome will manifest. Demonstrates the logical, well ordered mindset necessary to dispense justice and that logic must be balanced by intuition. The Justice reminds us of the spiritual consequences of our actions, signifies compassion and recognizes the constraints of the physical world.

Here is the frequency label for increased resonance and to deeper your connection to the quantum frequency support. Simply print it out and tape it numbers-side-facing-in to a bottle of water (let it charge about 6 hours before drinking, and then refill as often as you like as long as there's still some water left in the bottle). Or print it off and set a cleansed crystal on it to be charged. Or carry a printout of the numbers around with you! Enjoy!

Anahata Codes for Oracle Cards and Decks