Evolution and Growth

My paintings are continually in a state of evolution. They don't stay stagnant because I'm continually open to change. I may not know what comes next, but I know enough to trust that any changes I feel drawn to make are the best opportunities for growth in any given moment. With any given piece.

And I'm here to grow. Aren't you?

I'm not saying change and growth are easy. Neither am I saying that they have to be hard. But regardless of how easily things unfold (or don't), evolution is the path to transformation. And in order to evolve, we must integrate what's come before. Not simply leaving the past behind, but DOING SOMETHING with it.


Which is how I see artwork as such a powerful tool. Such a perfect playground for practicing new approaches to LIFE. Such a magical illustration of EVOLUTION.

As we create, our pieces continually evolve. Because with every new layer of color and marks, we aren't just leaving the colors and marks of the past behind - we are ADDING to them. We are gaining new depth. We are integrating - and continually re-transforming - our unique paths.

With each new layer, we are growing. Growing our trust in intuition. Growing our boldness in experimenting with a new color or shape. Growing our confidence in taking another step into the unknown - knowing only that we simply can't go wrong.