Happy Happy Joy Joy Means... Expansion

What is one fail proof way to find JOY? 

MUSIC, of course!

Meaning music that you LOVE. Music that fills you with PASSION. Music that makes you HAVE to MOVE!

And what happens when you allow yourself to start moving to your own favorite beat (literally)?

Your field EXPANDS. You become receptive. And magnetic. You don't have to DO anything; it happens as a natural byproduct of that magnificent state of joy.

And music can be the gateway. Music and movement (inspired by that motivating music) generate the joy. Joy creates a field just buzzing with potential. Art-making pulls the potential through and alchemizes it into physical expression. Which creates a vacuum in your field where the potentials were, thereby automatically bringing more potential into your field in order to fill the void. And this cycle repeats over and over, creating... MOMENTUM.

That's MAGIC.

If you allow this cycle to repeat itself, you will astound yourself with the magic you create. Naturally.

Ready to play?