Creating Oracle Cards? Your Oracle Deck Deserves ALL of YOUR Magic.

Someone who's been in the same circles as I for the last couple of years recently started advertising her own Create Your Own Oracle Deck class. The same thing I've been personally offering (having created FIVE decks of my own from scratch) for the last two years. It stung a bit, because she knows who I am and what I do. She uied stock imagery for her own single deck (whereas mine are all hand-designed and created from scratch). And it especially stung since she made the process about legally using other people's imagery (which has THEIR energy ion it - not yours) and churning out something - ANYTHING - fast.

So the topic of the following video when I decided to record it was a relevant reminder for me, because it really is all about staying in our own lanes. How does my message differ from hers? You can watch the video to find out, but I truly believe that if we're given an idea, it's a GIFT.

And allowing ourselves to fully receive that gift, and to create the most beautiful platform (ie, a deck) - one that you can actually FEEL the potency and MAGIC of - is the way to honor that gift. To honor your OWN gifts. Anything less - making a deck just for the sake of having a cheaply-made commodity on hand, just to satisfy the ego and your image... that's doing your SOUL a huge disservice.

So I wanted to share this video with you, because I see MORE in you than "churning out cheap crap".  I FEEL more in you - I feel a need to express your TRUE SOUL GIFTS. To reach those who are looking for you, or those who can't get enough of your own special sparkle and inspiration.

And if you're feeling drawn to create an oracle deck - whether you want a professional designer and artist/illustrator and experienced deck creator at your side or not - I ask you to STOP HOLDING BACK YOUR BRILLIANCE. To express what you have to share - YOUR WAY.  With ALL your depth and wisdom and magic.

I encourage you to watch this video, and FEEL into the beautiful wise one you are.