Heroic High Vibes

Although I sometimes call it "Light Language" (which I also speak), the dynamic marks which have become prominent in much of my recent work definitely translate energy. I just received a message this morning (after posting the below photo on my Instagram feed) which confirms it:

"Thank you for all that you share and teach @magicwithmellie. This piece is so joyful and energetic - it raises my vibration to look at it! A living/visual creation that allows the viewer to experience the Hero Archetype. Wow. I love it! - fantastic to meditate on! Love and light!"

The bold, bouncy scribbles first began about a year ago. I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom, propping a large blank canvas against the wall, and flipping open my My Little Pony tin lunchbox filled to the brim with luscious Gelato pastels.

I gently began drawing loop after loop after loop across the gesso-primed surface. A continuous line forming cloud shapes, becoming more complex and curious with each additional bulge. I layered multiple gelatos on top of each other until they finally blended into a cohesive, spirited piece. I sat back and felt at peace.

While some may find the scribbling chaotic, I love the energy it creates. I'm not scribbling out of anger or frustration or confusion; rather, I'm feeling the frequencies flowing through me and bringing those lively high vibes into form.

As soon as this 12x12 painting told me it was finished (it "tells" me via a sense of Deep Knowing as opposed to an actual voice in my head), I asked it for the Anahata Code Assisting Frequencies needed to "fulfill its destiny." Meaning, what Codes could amplify the magic already in this piece so that it can effect the most positive, transformative impact in the world? The painting requested the Divine Information of the Hero Archetype and the element Yttrium.

Enjoy the quantum frequencies and their magic!

  • The Hero Archetype (confidence, courage, mastery in a way that improves the world)
  • The Element Yttrium (Release doubt over your creations. No longer being afraid of choosing the wrong thing. Daring to stand up for your art. Daring to be different, to be outside the group. Trusting the potential you've discovered within yourself. Valuing your talents.)

Feel free to relax and gaze at the painting below.

As this piece spends time in your field, you'll begin to resonate with the positive-only aspects of these Codes at a quantum level. Drawing even more magic to you, and building an energetic foundation of the activated Divine Information contained within. 

If this piece resonates with you, you can find it on prints and products (mugs, bags, phone cases) in my RedBubble shop! Or contact me if you're interested in the original 12x12 mixed media piece on stretched canvas!

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