Fueled by Spontaneity

As I've mentioned many times in my videos and in my FB Group, I'm always creating multiple pieces at once. And by multiple, I mean at least 10. Maybe a few small watercolor pieces not-yet-ready to become Dancing Uniquorns, about 5 or 6 larger canvases, plus a few smaller canvases or wood panels... And then there's my on-again-off again juicy Jane Davenport art journal...

But it's not ADD. It's not distraction or "lack of commitment." It's not an inability to finish what I've started.

It's tapping into the purity - and the fuel - of spontaneous creation.

This photo was taken at my desk in my day job cubicle. I keep smaller pieces on watercolor paper, Aquabord, and canvas spread out where I can see them all day. I also keep one (okay, two) of my desk drawers filled with a variety of supplies, from paint pens to Schmincke soft pastels to gelatos to watercolor palettes - and even a couple tubes of acrylic paint. Where I can look over at any time and feel what kind of alchemy wants to happen next.


Because I keep these pieces sitting out where I can see them, there's no pressure for me to rush. I don't need to finish something just so that I can clean up and put things away. These scattered pieces provide me with continual inspiration and allow me to be spontaneous in my creation. Instead of having to "plan" my creative time - instead of having to force myself to perform - I can dip in and dip out, periodically refreshing myself so that cubicle life is survivable (although I may have taken over the dining room table at home, too...).

If I'm setting up a development site for my day job and it's taking a few minutes to load, I'll often use that time to swivel around in my desk chair and add some new marks to an in-progress piece or two (or four). Without planning, without agenda, without any intention other than to respond to what I'm feeling in that very moment. To break from the linear, deliverable-based 9 to 5 and bring in the benefits of open-ended possibility.

By allowing my creation to be spontaneous and therefore pure (sans agenda or constraint), I tap into my own continuous refueling stream. As I smear and smudge intuitively, I absorb and alchemize the energy instead of spending it, thereby boosting my energy levels and deepening my presence. My frequency lifts, and I impact my environment (workplace, colleagues and clients) automatically and positively.

Plus, the artwork itself contains such gorgeous weavings of frequencies - the colors, the textures, the layers and layers of spontaneous creative energetic flow. Pure and bright and powerful. The mere presence of these "transformational portals" (as I like to call them) in my space has an elevating effect on my reality.

And the purity of spontaneity is the key.