Receive More Anahata Codes Magic!

Okay, so this time it's not a video, but I've infused a recipe of Anahata Codes in this beautiful piece of ART!


Meaning that just by looking at these images of this painting, you'll begin to resonate with the quantum frequencies which chose to be included!

Um, okay. What do I mean, by "they chose to be included?"

I mean that each painting has its own consciousness. It's freaking ALIVE. And the more layers I add, the more complexity and depth become a part of the painting's full energy matrix. So it's not me who ever decides a painting is complete. It's a Knowing. From a conversation with the painting itself.

And although with the Anahata Codes I use muscle testing as opposed to just "Knowing," when I muscle test, I'm asking the consciousness of the painting itself which Codes it most desires. There are various questions I use, but ultimately what I'm asking for is the best outcome for Highest Good. And the relevant Codes are always presented!

I also teach the idea of creative consciousness in my flagship Create Your Own Oracle Deck Course). I explain that each DECK also has a consciousness of its own, and that by communicating with it and letting it give YOU clues as to how it wants to be created - what form it wants to take - you can actually create an even more powerful deck, because you're partnering with Source energy.

When you're tapping into a purer, higher connection, you're allowing wisdom to come through you. To inform you from within. When you tap into Source or your Higher Self, you've gotten yourself detached from the biased and controlling clutches of the mind.

The mind that thinks it knows what a painting or an oracle deck "should look like." The mind that thinks there should be goals and strategy in order to "accomplish" something. The mind that works so hard to "try to manifest" what it (again) thinks it wants.

And when you're in the mind, you're most definitely not tuned into that greater Source. Only one driver's allowed in the driver's seat at a time!

So, I asked this painting which Codes it wanted, and it gave me a recipe of three. And its name, "Exuberant Evolution," came from the Codes it chose!

Would you like to know what energies were installed and activated in this painting?

Here is the Divine Information (in the form of Anahata Codes) with which you'll begin to resonate just by looking at these photos (can you imagine how powerful the effect would be in person?!?) :

  1. The quantum essence of emotion of exuberance.
  2. The quantum essence of the Lemurians: "Lemuria was a highly spiritually-evolved place. Pretty much everyone who lived in Lemuria was connected to their higher selves and therefore the Universe. There was no divide between who "God" was and everyone knew exactly where their souls had originated...where their life force came from." Source
  3. The quantum essence of the process of removing undigested bits from the physical body. Meaning also - metaphorically - the ability to recognize what you haven't been able to digest emotionally/mentally/spiritually and eliminate it/ deal with it.

So here's a closeup of the painting as I was finishing it with some delicious Sennelier pastels. Relax your gaze, sink into the energy, and ENJOY THE MAGIC of "Exuberant Evolution"!

If you'd like a piece of this magic for your own physical space, you can purchase prints, apparel, totes and the like in my RedBubble shop. The original is also available for $350 and you can invite it into your home by emailing me!

6 inch by 6 inch mixed media on Aquabord. $277

6 inch by 6 inch mixed media on Aquabord. $277