Allowing More Magic by Following Your Joy

When we let go of our continual focus on outcome, it never ceases to amaze me what new magic can arrive. 

I did the FB Live video below in my Free FB Group, Inspired Intuitive Art & Action, last night, because a new series of original artwork has arisen from something that was literally "just play." I created what *I* loved, and continued to follow what felt fun and delicious to me from there, until here I am...

How did the short journey to this new series begin? Well...

I absolutely ADORE watercolor, and the beautiful patterns it creates as the colors drip and merge and dry. So I'd been playing around creating watercolor backgrounds in the mornings with my fave Daniel Smith, Schmincke, and Golden brand QOR watercolor paints, until I noticed my sketchbook was quickly growing full.

"What can I do with all of these watercolors?" I thought to myself.

Well, as those of you who've followed me for ANY length of time have most likely noticed, I happen to also adore unicorns. And I do have quite a distinctive style for my animal drawings (such as my HeartFULL Pet Portraits). So, I married the two and drew a unicorn on one of the backgrounds. And I loved it. 

So the next question I asked myself was, "How can I share my excitement for these new and delightful drawings with more people?" And the obvious answer was to create inspirational graphics (in a similar vein to my Animals of Inspiration series) to post on my Instagram account and on my biz FB page

Those graphics received such an unexpected and fabulous response, so I began creating more, and several days in a row I posted a new handmade unicorn meme with some text added in WordSwag and some copy that invited a deeper dive into the bigger message behind it.

Then, I naturally wondered, "What if I could make these into originals for people who wanted to hold this magic in their hands? And from there, I began playing with adding a white Sharpie paint pen border around each unicorn, and then using my Winsor and Newton gold ink plus my F+W Pearlescent inks on the hooves, horn and mane/tail. 

The result? I'm in LOVE. And excited to continue the series that I never planned would become a series! 

If you feel so inclined, I invite you to watch the video where I chat - and show and tell - about the process, and then have a heart to heart with one of my fave artist friends, the lovely Savello, about the difficulty with pricing and commissions. 

I hope it sparks something in you and brightens your day! Enjoy!!