Baby Steps to Trusting Your Intuition + Sacred Activations

Are you ready to play some more? If you're anything like me, you're saying "F*** YEAH!"

ESPECIALLY because it's Friday. And it's gorgeous outside (well, where I am anyway). And there's a sound-meditation-yoga-hiking retreat tomorrow in Aspen (okay, I'm probably the only one of us going to that, but still)...

Once again, I tuned into the energy of the collective who would eventually come into contact with this post/video and asked Source which Activations would best support you right now.

The two Sacred Activations deemed essential at this point in time (at whatever point in time you're encountering this) are: Cancer Free and Sacred Love. Sacred Love was originally channeled by fellow Master Practitioner Finn Goddard, and she has a YouTube video which runs that one as well, if you'd like an extra double dose. Her energy is just gorgeous, by the way!

So. The Activations you'll be receiving through this video are:

Cancer Free Sacred Activation:

This activation is also a deactivation from the cancer collective.  It will shift the thoughts, feelings and emotions that trigger and promote cancer.

Sacred Love Activation (description from the recording on Finn's site):

By embodying the Sacred Love ourselves there is no limit to our creation, our divine connections with beautiful souls and the powerful connection to peace. All that happens in our life is a reflection of our inner most beliefs and manifestations. Can you imagine how your life and the lives of others would be if we are aligned with the energy of Sacred Love? Your Life can be oceans and landscapes of beautiful possibilities without restriction or those niggling elements of sabotage. This activation will connect you to the divine essence of you and connect you to your Inner and Outer Love.

Here's the video if you're ready to play along:

I ended up talking a lot about intuition - how to recognize it, how to give yourself credit for the guidance you ARE getting, how to learn to trust it simply by taking one step at a time.

Because in life just as in intuitive art, we have no idea where any one step will lead (even if it promises to lead us to a specific destination) until we take it. And often the road we're meant to be on doesn't even show up until we've taken a certain number of steps (energetically, physically, etc) in a direction we would have thought was completely unrelated!

So when an idea pops into your head - acknowledge it! You don't need to express it in words. You don't need to justify WHY you're paying attention. You don't need to plan out the next 10 steps IF you listen to this impulse.

All you need to do is pay attention to what you're suddenly inspired to do. Because those sudden, "random" inspirations are actually the purest form of guidance.

And making art this way - paying attention to your "random" impulses in the moment - is such a safe and FUN way to prove to yourself that you ARE being guided. So that you can begin fully trusting your intuitive impulses in LIFE.

When you start taking and trusting your steps, one by one, you'll start see how everything is unfolding perfectly - uniquely and alchemically for YOU!