Wisdom in Color: Emergence

I found my joy again today in this quick and vibrant piece. Allowing my brush to soak up copious amounts of water with which to spread juicy swaths of Peerless color. It made my heart sing to watch these saturated drops blend and dance together.

It reminded me to keep dancing.

I've been quiet the last few days. Tired. Questioning. Wondering if this path I've begun matters. For over two months, I've been emailing and posting almost daily. Creating videos and original pieces so that I could share my magic with YOU.


Because you understand. You FEEL it. And whether you read them each day or all at once, I know you're receiving. The energy is there. The intent is powerful. We are on a journey together. We are healing together. And gaining the strength to dance more. Out THERE.

I am emerging, step by step. And I hope to encourage you to, as well. 

To be a little more colorful. A little less careful. A LOT more curious about what brings you real JOY.

And to claim it. Honor it. 

Dance it.