Play Means Letting Go!

I wanted to give you a real world example of how my spontaneous creative sessions tend to go.  And explain how PLAY factors in!

This video was recorded at my day job during one of my creativity breaks. I'm sitting at my desk in my cube, with an array of supplies scattered around me.


I took out about 6 small sheets of loose watercolor paper (but you could use any sort of scrap paper, really - it'll just have different reactions to the media you use) and settled into my groove.

In these sessions, my intention is really just to PLAY.

When I don't have a specific idea of what I'm going to create, I'm open to whims that I'd miss if I were fixated on one "ideal" result. So I give myself permission to freely PLAY with my colors and marks.

For the sake of playing instead of producing.

And as part of that play, I intend create rather quickly so that I don't have time to "think." Because "thinking" is where the stuckness tends to creep in!  

When I let go of the urge to think my way through my art, I unplug myself from the matrix of possibilities I can see. I drop my awareness into my heart space, which plugs me into the Now Moment and activates my connection with infinite possibilities. From that space, I'm open to and available for whatever shows up instead of trying to force something to happen.

Wendy Kennedy (who has a great course called The Process, which I experienced this spring) has a great reminder:

"Let go of the notion of time and when things are supposed to show up. The Universe has a bigger blueprint for you than you can possibly see with your limited perspective. Remember, this experience of 3d reality was set up to give you this illusion of separation and to narrow what you could see. So you can't see the big blueprint from the ego mind...

"...Your experience of the moment will NEVER meet an expectation. EVER. So why not let it go? ...As you're going through this state of exploration, let go of your attachment to form and simply work with the frequency. Ask, "I wonder what it would be like to have this experience?" Then allow yourself to daydream and fantasize."


What would it be like to have the experience of free-flowing creativity? As art?

You'll notice as you watch the video below that I do have a repertoire of "signature moves," if you will. Like splattering watercolor from my brush, making dots with paint pens or neon daubers or acrylic ink, scribbling haphazardly with a colored pencil or oil pastel, adding water to soft pastels to smear around the color... All of these "tricks" I've curated from my own ongoing free-flowing explorations.

You'll notice, too, that once you let go of needing a specific outcome and create space for enough intuitive paint-and-play sessions, you start to develop your own favorite techniques.

Maybe you notice over several sessions that you seem to prefer starting with a layer of pastel. Maybe you have certain imagery that you can't stop doodling or drawing (I've already admitted to my own penchant for unicorns and mermaids). Maybe you start to realize that you feel most joyful every time you take out a specific brush, or when you dab fluid paint freely with a sponge. Watch the patterns spontaneously emerge as you let yourself really PLAY!

I don't always save the paintings from these exercises - although sometimes I do. I have a couple of drawers and baskets where I'll store stacks of my favorites. And sometimes I'll grab a stack and sit down to repeat this exercise on top of what I've already done!

Talk about practicing letting go!

And by the way - I invite you to get out a handful of miscellaneous supplies and create right along with me as the video plays!

Are you ready? Let's go!

(By the way, you can always book your own 1:1 Guided Soul Art session with me right over here!)