When Creating, Honor Each Step

I've been asked to speak about the desire to create imagery out of the energy (and marks) that you've generated:

Usually, if imagery is to come through, the painting will tell me. Meaning I’ll suddenly “see” something in the paint. Or an idea will just POP into my head.

And sometimes, imagery doesn't come through. And sometimes, my work ends up being a purely abstract piece. And there's nothing wrong with abstract; there’s nothing wrong with the dynamic energy or the movement of the piece. Or the movement of the brush and your arm. 

There's nothing wrong with the purity of that energy which has created your work, so there is *never* a necessity to have imagery. There is never a necessity to even have a direction towards a recognizable image. The direction comes instead from your energy - and it's not even something that you need to completely specify. 

You are welcome to infuse intentions into your work, specifically if you are tapping into the global energy of Love, or if you are tapping into your own potential - your own soul purpose - and you want to express energy that will support your own soul purpose to intentions in a painting. 

Creating that intention is really *all* you need to do. And it's also okay if imagery comes to you along the way that ends up not being the final piece. It doesn't matter. Each time we make a movement, we are moving energy, right?

And so each time that we move, we are inherently expressing that Divine Soul expression.

And sometimes, we go on a journey.

Yesterday, I went into my Akashic Records and asked my Record Keepers what I needed to know, and they put me on a deer - on a buck. And I was just laying across his back and he starts taking me up this mountain, and I just followed the scene. And then, that scene changed and it turned out that I was now on the back of a moose instead of a buck, and he continued up the mountain until we reached a clearing and then he disappeared. 

My point is - there was a buck, and then there was a moose, and then there was nothing. It was a journey. There was nothing wrong with the buck just because he became a moose. OR with the moose because he eventually disappeared. Just like there’s nothing wrong with one piece of imagery you add to a painting if it suddenly changes into something else. Or gets erased completely. There’s nothing wrong with *any* part of the journey, and each image is an essential step to get to the next energetic step.

Give yourself permission to take the inspired action without knowing where it will lead. Because when we’re given these messages, they come to us when it’s time to take action - *not* so that we can predict the answer. It doesn't matter what comes after. So if you suddenly see an image and you want to express that, feel the nudge and go with it - don't question it. 

Go with it, realizing that every moment is new. Every moment is a clean slate. You are not stuck if you're not committed to a specific picture or final result. You are not doing anything wrong! 

Trust yourself and your guidance (which often comes as impulses or thoughts or pictures or even just a feeling), and focus on the energy... as opposed to putting yourself in a box when you don't need to be, just for the sake of making a “thing."

And also know that sometimes, expressing one piece of imagery is going to be the very next step on your entire journey, and that rest of that journey may involve completely covering over what was done. But you *needed* to take Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, and 4 before you could even SEE the possibility of Step 5. So follow the threads. And allow it to BE whatever it becomes!