Behind the Scenes - Works in Progress and Creative Inspiration!

I recorded a video LIVE on Facebook last week to explain why I tend to post in spurts. For a few days, I may post a new piece each morning, and then it may be a week or two or three before I have another completed painting to show and tell!

This isn't because I'm inconsistent - as I've learned to live my life, so I've learned to paint. You see, we don't have control, And there is NO REASON TO CONTROL.

Because control? It comes from FEAR.

So I don't sit down and force myself to finish something that's frankly not ready to be finished. There seems to be an integration period each time I add a new layer to a piece, almost like the piece itself needs to to reorganize energetically with each new addition.

And I honor that completely!

So, because I LOVE creating, when I'm in the flow I simply allow it to continue. I'll add a layer or some marks to one piece, then move immediately to another, ask the painting what it needs, and then do the same. Moving seamlessly from piece to piece, allowing the energy to shift and dance, keeping the momentum until it's time to rest (or go to work).

As I mention later in the video, besides having learned to follow the energy and the flow and not question it... I have also learned to give myself permission to create WHAT *I* LOVE.

Not what some outsider promises me will be profitable (no one I've ever listened to has been right, although they've vigorously assured me they were). Not what someone else tells me is THE perfect strategy (again, no one has EVER been right). Not what someone else tells me they wished I'd paint or draw (to me that's boooooorinnnnng and UNinspired).

I PAINT WHAT *I* LOVE. And I'll tell you in this video why you might want to, too. :)