Intuitive Painting Desired Feelings (Mellie's Car Art!)

Get ready for some more intuitive art MAGIC! 

I *just* recorded this video in my car this morning right before walking into the building for my day job!

FREEDOM is one of my core desired feelings - in fact, it's THE BIGGEST desired feeling I have. So, being able to take some sort of art supply anywhere I go, being able to ground and set intentions anywhere I go, being able to CREATE time and SPACE anytime... THIS is what I preach because THIS is what I love. And NEED in order to feel happy and safe and in JOY.

Bringing those feelings into 3D by INFUSING your art as you really LISTEN... This is one way to increase the potency of YOUR OWN MAGIC.  It is one way to AMPLIFY the feelings you most LOVE to experience so that they snowball and expand! 

So get going, and ENJOY revealing your own magic!