Your Sacred Space, Channeled Art + a Powerful Message

NEW INTUITIVE PAINTING just completed yesterday after months of powerful layering!

What wisdom does it hold?

Dive into your safe place. Your comfort zone. Let yourself be directed from there. It’s okay to allow yourself a safe haven. A sacred space in which you gather and from which you act.

You don’t need a grand plan, for the stars are always guiding you to your Truth. You don’t always need to be looking toward the future, for you are gathering your tribe around you in the Now. 

It’s okay to just BE. In fact, it’s necessary. I’ve been resisting it for awhile - knowing I need more sleep, knowing my long daily commute to a day job is breaking me down… And today? I’m sick. As in chills, fever, nausea… you know what I mean. FORCING me to stop.

Forcing me to stop listening to audios and videos of what I “should” be doing in the world, in my business, in my own self-care practices. Forcing me to ask my 6yo to pour his own cereal because the world spins too much when I stand up. Bringing me back to my own cocoon when I can bask in the nurturing of a warm blanket and fur babies cuddles around me, lying their heads on my leg and gazing at me with Knowing eyes. 

Drink in the energy in this powerful intuitive painting. Relax your gaze and sit with it for awhile. 

  • What do you notice?
  • What do you feel?
  • Where is your eye drawing YOU, and what does that color or symbol mean to you?

The wisdom is within, even when we’re responding to without. Where can you create the space to just BE? Even for a few minutes?

If the original 8x10 painting is calling you, you can find it available in the shop on my FB biz page here (I'm trying out their e-commerce abilities for the first time).