It's Time to be ALL of Your Magnificence.

It's time to be ALL you are.

I'm not "just" a logo designer. Or a graphic designer (with 20 years of pro print and web experience btw). I'm not "just" an artist who naturally, effortlessly channels activation codes and light language into each piece, allowing you to receive and light up. I'm not "just" a healer and intuitive. Or "just" a personal trainer with a Masters degree in exercise science and health.

I am me. ALL of me. 

Just like YOU are all of YOU.

So why are we spending so much time segmenting? Fragmenting our parts into packagable pieces that are mere echoes of our true magnificent selves? Of the MAGIC each and every one of us truly be?

Why are we afraid to post a "non-branded" image? Why am I afraid to post this photo, where I'm channeling and molding this activation piece, because then I'll be accused of "confusing" people?!

I am ALL OF THIS. And all of this is what makes me ME. It makes my work stand apart. Because you can feel it.

And without ANY of these pieces, my impact would be diluted. I wouldn't be able to give YOU the depth of magic that I can if I took any one piece away...

My intuitive senses INFORM my art and design. My 20 years of design experience INFORM and POLISH my logos. My artistic skill and talent ENHANCE my design work and allow my healing activations to make their way into the world in a packagable form. My numerous fitness and holistic health certs inform my intuition and ability to see the whole system. As integrated and energetic. Because we are.

Why can't we be ALL of our magnificence of us? 

And... What if someone decided to hire you BECAUSE of your depth? Because they can't get enough of your magic, period? What if what they're really drawn to is the WHOLE YOU... If you are brave enough to BE it. And then SHARE it. 

Why can't we all BE our magic? Boldly. Completely.

Will you?