I've Got a Story for You, But First...

Are you ready to RELEASE THE OLD and embrace your SOUL?


So, I’m a professional designer with 20 years of experience, but my talent and gift is taking “design” to another level. A SOUL LEVEL. Guiding you. Giving you the tools, visually. 

To get there, you’ve got to release your last hold on the old. You’ve got to let go of the opinions of the peanut gallery, let go of trying to please others based on stale “market research” and CLAIM what YOU ARE. Please your SELF. Your SOUL Self.

And then, relax into the RELIEF of being SEEN at a soul level. Being loved for being YOU. 

Because the logos I create? They’re living, breathing pieces of art. Energetically encoded. They release more and more layers insight and energy over time.

They are YOU. Your SOUL ESSENCE, in form. Shining brightly, transparently, for all to see. And for all to CONNECT TO.

So, let me tell you a story about the lesson of letting go. 

REALLY letting go (or not).

Three years ago, I broke my ankle. My foot literally dislocated and I had to snap it back into place (good thing I was a bit in shock at the time, or I’d have been too grossed out to do that)!

What was I doing? 

I was rock climbing ("bouldering”) at an indoor rock climbing gym during my lunch break from my web and graphic design job. I was working on a “problem” and had two more moves to complete in order to finish the route. 

The second to the last move involved a leap of faith. I couldn’t reach the next hold - a large purple flake - so, in order to reach it, I had to let go and essentially leap a short distance sideways. I had to COMMIT. 

But I *didn’t* fully let go, and that’s what burned me. I was attached to the "security” of knowing where I stood. Knowing what I was holding onto. So, instead of fully letting go and committing to my next move, I hesitated. And I fell.

Now, climbing gyms have thick, padded mats, so a fall from the top of a bouldering problem shouldn’t be dangerous. But because I hesitated during my move and didn’t fully commit to going for the new hold, I fell funny and landed half on, half off the *edge* of the mat. 

So my ankle went CRACK. My foot dislocated. I snapped it back into place and lay there, dizzy and nauseous, until I army-crawled up to the front deck to ask for some ice, and then eventually hopped on one leg back to my car to head back to my office.

My point? I suffered because I was too afraid to let go of the old. Of the “known."

Just as I see many would-be clients so attached to what their competitors are doing, logo- or website-design-wise. Just as I see them evaluating, analyzing what they “think” they want based on what others are doing. Or based on what other “professionals" TELL them they “should” be doing. 

Let me tell you - until you let go of what “they” say and tap into your own Knowing, you’re stuck. The ultimate Freedom comes from tuning in and baring all. Baring your SOUL to the world. 

Because THAT’s what people will connect to. We react energetically without even having to be conscious about it. We just DO. 

So it doesn’t matter if using cerulean blue is “tested and proven” to bring clients in the door… if your SOUL isn’t being displayed and felt… it’s not aligned for you. It won’t take you where you’re going, because you’re being led by your Soul to places far beyond what’s been done before.

My clients are ready to dive DEEP. To be seen, shining in ALL their brilliance. 

Are you?

My magical Branding Design packages are where we get your soul shining.