The Magic of Mermaids

Yes, I said MERMAIDS. What self-respecting 40-year old talks about - and draws, repeatedly - mermaids (okay, okay, and unicorns)? 

Those with enough self respect to believe in MAGIC, that's who...

Are you one of them? Are you like me? Maybe just a little?

In the last couple of years, I let myself return to dreaming. To believing I was here for something bigger than sitting in a cubicle all day, highly underpaid and invisible. I let myself remember the JOY I used to experience as a child, galloping around the playground on an imaginary horse or unicorn. I let myself RECREATE that joy by bringing the imaginary into my reality once more.

Because when we imagine, when we dream, when we play with these magical beings and allow them to become as REAL as the cubicle and the paycheck-of-pennies, we have expanded our world. We are harnessing new potential, and we are saying, loud and clear, there IS MORE to life! 

We are making a demand that the Universe fill this vacuum with more joy, more love, more colorful creations, and when we invite that juiciness into our "imaginary" experience, it soon becomes the fuel for our reality in the day to day.  

So let yourself PLAY. Imagine yourself frolicking with magical creatures. Who cares what "they" say!

 "They" will never appreciate the value of all of your beauty and depth. "They" only want to see ONE of your multidimensions. "They" want you to smile and nod and give more than you get. 

So stop looking for the approval "they" will never ever give. Stop waiting for someone ELSE to say it's okay. 

INDULGE in your YOU-ness. Your you-MESS, because the beauty is IN the messiness of life. In the multilayered multidimensional experiences you get to CHOOSE. And ENJOY.

So swim with the mermaids, won't you? Join me. 

((Oh, and the Mermaid Mantra that came through for this lovely being? EMBRACE YOUR GIFTS. <3 ))