More Car Art! Intuitive Layers + Messages

Hello hello hello again!

I'm BACK with another episode of Mellie's Car Art! I started the series accidentally with one inspired idea to make art in the car and PROVE you don't need a lot of supplies OR time OR space to be creative, and it's caught on!

In this video (which is about 20 (wow!) minutes long, I take you through my creative and intuitive layering process, then receiving/interpreting your own message! I discuss why non-attachment is so important and how it leads to possibilities and FREEDOM!  

When you allow your OWN creative essence to come forward and through you, you're strengthening your creative pathways. And when you allow uncertainty to take over (meaning you're not trying to copy another artist's work, which is hugely limiting), you have access to the infinite field of possibilities. Which makes it easier to welcome YOUR UNIQUE MAGIC.

I slow down in this video and talk you through everything I'm doing, including asking for, receiving and translating a message!

Have FUN and get to PLAYIN'!

Oh, and I'll give you a quick view of the Bookcliffs here in Rifle (there were greener mountains behind me too, but they were blocked by the trees)! Nature rocks!

Oh, I also did another Facebook LIVE stream yesterday in my FREE Facebook group (Inspired Intuitive Art & Action) - join the group to watch another over-an-hour of intuitive painting, intuitive art-making and (hopefully) helpful and insightful chatter! <3