Diving Deep: Mermaid Wisdom and Art!

This little mermaid sketch came through, and has a message for you (just along with a healing!):

Dive deep into your Self. Keep following the song you hear; it isn't leading you astray. You must continue to dive deeper and seek out the song of your soul, for once you claim it, your presence will be magnified. And your magnetism will increase. Keep diving; don't fear the depths, for they hold the secret to your ultimate success.

I also used Bloodstone and Rhodonite (ground into watercolors from Daniel Smith's Primatek range), and the magic of this piece and the message is further deepened by the energy of these stones:

Bloodstone may facilitate courage; it's believed to have a calming effect on fears and anger. Bloodstone, because of its ability to increase success, lends well to attracting money. Bloodstone can be used to facilitate a communication with the spiritual realms.

Rhodonite is often used for rediscovering one's inner gifts, as well as for bringing much-needed love into the world. Rhodonite can also help one to remember their soul-purpose of incarnation, and facilitate living from the heart.