A New MAGICAL Oracle Deck Has Been BORN!



Obviously, I can't contain my excitement. :)

I've been working on these illustrations for over a year, now. They organically arose after participating in one of Jessica Brogan's Inspirational Card Swaps in 2015.

The first unicorn was "You have magic. Share it." And that original illustration appears in this very deck to honor its magical and synchronistic beginnings!

The illustrations then became a coloring book. And then, this past summer, I created a series of 12 more original illustrations for a coloring book through The Artcademy's Coloring Club.

And, since I'm currently teaching my beautiful Create Your Own Oracle Deck Course and watching my magical students release their own first oracle decks, oracle decks are on the brain. :) 

So, after last week's episode where a woman stole my oracle card copy and ditched my illustration, pairing it with her own image (and neglecting to reference me or my illustrations or even use quotes on the verbatim several-paragraph-theft), I realized... IT'S TIME.

To get these precious and profound babies into people's HANDS. To get my carefully selected words IN PRINT.

So I did.

I worked nonstop for three entire days. And that's with having already created the illustrations and about half of the messages!  

I arranged playdates for my seven year old son so that I could spend the entire weekend making hardcore magic happen. 

And... it's BORN!

54 MAGICAL JUMBO cards with a linen finish. In their very own box. 

If you'd like to check out the deck, you can find it right over here.

I can't even tell you how much heart and soul I've poured into each and every one of these completely original concepts and drawings.  

Because I want YOU to have it! To light up when you see them! To FEEL the joy frequency coursing through your veins and emanating into your LIFE!

The very first Animal of Inspiration!

The very first Animal of Inspiration!