Layers of Healing Oracle Message!

So. This is the card from my Layers of Healing Deck (all my original paintings made into cards!) that landed all on its own for you lovelies. I shouldn't have been surprised!

Throat Chakra Therapy

You're ready for deep healing on the throat chakra level. It's time for authentic expression. There's no holding back. You ARE supported; don't worry about the reactions of others. There are those who need to hear what you have to say. There are those in need of your guiding light and the wisdom of YOUR experience. Show up. And DANCE in your power. SING your own melody. Climb into your purpose.

In addition to the booklet's paragraph, I feel urged to tell you that communication may come from the throat chakra but it must first originate in the heart. You must speak not just what you think but what you FEEL. And be honest, because you're doing everyone a disservice if you deny the truth on ANY level.

You can do this. <3