Play is the Gateway

I hear from so many people that they're "not creative," that they're "not artists," that they have no idea where to begin. And I am SO passionate about proving to you that that is NOT TRUE.

Because I gave up on being an artist in high school after being told repeatedly I wasn't any good - because I didn't replicate someone else's technique.

And it took me almost *20 years* to get those voices out of my head. To finally say eff them, I'm doing it anyway.

So I'm not letting YOU waste any more time denying the expression of your essence.

YOU have something to express. And PLAY is the gateway.

Not fancy supplies, not an easel and studio, not all the formal techniques in the world. This isn't about art. This is about YOU. And your essence. And the ability you have to FREE it and invite in FLOW.

So, this is a video I did for my group last week - while I was at the playground with my son after picking him up from school - and my supplies were a ruled notebook, watercolors, a brush (I carry my waterbrush *everywhere*) and a Sharpie. I'm sitting on the grass. Barefoot. Even using one foot to keep my notebook pages from blowing in the wind.

I dare you to watch. Notice the ease. The joy. The PLAY. And the simplicity.

Now it's YOUR turn to play. And open YOUR flow.

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