See Only Magic.

I’ve gone through much of my life without the ideal resources. I’ve learned how to “make do.” And I’ve learned how to keep going and keep creating, instead of waiting for the “perfect circumstances” to arrive before I do.

I’ve learned how to seize the moment. And to never wonder “what if.”


I’ve grown incredibly skilled at being resourceful. At honoring myself as much as possible in the moment, even without being able to take grand vacations or attend fabulous tropical retreats (and then brag about them, as seems to be the latest trend).

I don’t sit and whine; I take action. I’ve become so innovative and “outside the box” - in design, in marketing, in coaching intuitive art, in finding unique solutions for my clients - because I’ve HAD to be. It’s meant the survival of my soul.

In college, with little money, I often fed myself by waiting for the sorority houses to throw out their trash for the night, then clawing my way through the bags for leftovers.

In my rugby training days, I’d always pack workout clothes in my car and in the nightmare rush hour traffic of the Washington, DC area, I’d change clothes while stuck in a standstill, pull over to park, and go for a training run until congestion had cleared.

Without the ability to purchase fancy canvases and paints, I raided the 50 cent craft paint rack at Walmart and painted over canvases and panels I found at thrift stores.

Without a proper “artist’s studio,” I began making art in my car (and even created a video series about it).

Without an iPad, scanner, or fancy graphics tablet, I continue to make beautiful, soul-resonant logos by hand-drawing my graphic elements and then taking pictures of them with my phone.

Without the audience or financial backing to publish coloring books and oracle decks on a large scale, I was STILL able to create and self-publish 4 coloring books and 5 oracle decks using the miracle of print-on-demand.

Oh, and I’ve initiated every single long-term relationship I’ve had. Because I might as well ask instead of sitting around waiting for the perfect person to somehow find ME, right?!

What are your excuses? And what are YOU waiting for?

Because I PROMISE you there’s a solution if you’re open to letting go of what everyone else is doing.

And I’ve got enough experience that I’m REALLY GOOD at helping you find one that’s fun. :) With whatever resources you do or don’t have. And that honors the True Essence of YOU.

See Only Magic. It’s there!