Follow FLOW Over "Strategy"

Hey everyone!

Thanks for being so patient with me while I packed and moved and settled into a new (albeit temporary) space, got laid off, and then finally, last month embarked on a 31 day challenge during the month of #INKtober to create a piece using ink every single day (which consumed 2-3 hours A DAY from ideas to concept sketches to a rough final sketch and then the inking and watercolor!)


I wanted to express another powerful reminder - to FOLLOW YOUR CREATIVE URGES! You never know where they may lead!

I started #inktober deciding to draw and paint a Dancing Uniquorn a day, and I allowed them to evolve slightly over the month, AND...

I never could have predicted that they'd become a cohesive collection AND provide the inspiration for PRODUCTS! Like these tanks, mugs, pillows, duvet covers, tote bags...

You guys...


I followed what I FELT like doing - bright colors, funny unicorns... what brings ME joy, just doing it.

And the evolution happened ON ITS OWN.

I didn't start out with a project plan of "I'll create this art which will then be perfect for a product launch, etc."

I just DID IT. And let it happen.

Can YOU just let it happen?

The more you do, and the LESS you plan and strategize, the more magic you'll make room for!

Find the new magical collection here!

Click on a unicorn image and it'll take you to a page where you can see ALL the products and prints available in that design!