Asking for Help Doesn't Lessen Your Genius

As you may have gathered, I ADORE my Dancing Uniquorns. As in, I literally can't stop drawing/painting them. The contrast of the loose and intuitive, "messy" watercolor backgrounds with the more precise linework of the unicorn forms is absolutely Divine. It seems to balance my need for control with my need to be wild and free. Pretty much perfection, right?!

One thing I've noticed, as I continue to create these magical pieces (months after the Dancing Uniquorn unicorn Oracle Deck) was completed and published), is that sometimes, after the unicorn's paint and ink have dried, I draw a blank. Because each Uniquorn has a message. A mantra to remind you of different layers of your OWN magic. Something uplifting. Something light. Something fitting for a true unicorn (that's YOU)!

And sometimes, I don't "get" the message right away. But wait a minute - these unicorns need to get out into the world ASAP to spread their kind of magic! So what's an artist/illustrator to do?


My latest piece - using my brand new magical  JazperStardust  handmade watercolor set!

My latest piece - using my brand new magical JazperStardust handmade watercolor set!

I posted the unicorn-art-in-progress on my Facebook timeline. And I asked the peeps in my "crew" what kind of energy THEY were feeling when they looked at this magical piece.

I'll be honest - part of me felt self-conscious. The part of me that's used to being independent and strong. The part of me who wants to be "professional" (well, as "professional" as I'm willing to go). The part of me who needs to have all the answers. The part of me who was afraid that if I asked for others' energetic evaluation, the work would no longer be "mine."

But let's get real here - it's not all "mine" anyway.

Because the energy comes through me; it's not generated by me and it doesn't stop with me. The energy moves through me into each piece, taking on a form that can reach others in a delightful, joy-filled way. It's not meant to "stay" with me.

The whole point of creating these gorgeous (energetically powerful, multidimensional) unicorn pieces is accessibility. For the magic to SPREAD. And by taking on the form of a unicorn with an uplifting and encouraging message, this magic becomes more available. More digestible. More DESIRABLE.

And we can't force anyone to change. We can't thrust healing on others. But we can INVITE others into a magical and healing experience. Through the innocence and joy of a unicorn, boundaries are broken. The energy embedded in my artwork gets a hand-written invitation to the dance party in your own energy field.

So, back to my story...

When I asked my FB crew what energies they felt by looking at this little unicorn colt getting ready to leap off the page, just LOOK at the beautiful mantras and feelings that came up:

  • Wild Abandon
  • Leaping without Fear
  • Fearless
  • You are Unstoppable
  • Leaping into the unknown, facing the fears, doing it anyway and trusting in the outcome
  • Uplevel with Ease
  • Dream Big
  • Free Your Spirit
  • Cutting through the bullshit with my uni-horn and bedazzling the Universe with bright Divine Rainbow Light like WOW!!!
  • Jump
  • Leap over Obstacles
  • No Boundaries
  • Changing the world with MAGIC
  • Eyes on the prize!
  • Fearless Focus
  • The sky is the limit!
  • Leap of Faith
  • Take the Leap

They received the magic! And offered me more.

And although only one mantra will pair up with the vibration of this particular piece, I've now got a entire list of mantras to continue to inspire more magical unicorn UNIQUORN pieces.

Despite my initial hesitancy, no one said, "You're the artist; why are you asking us?" No one said, "You're not as smart as I thought you were." Instead, friends jumped into the thread with excitement, offering to be a part of the creation.

Our geniuses became amplified - together!