Getting Back into Flow (Watercolor Timelapse)

BIG shifts have been afoot in the last two months. Big ones. As in, discovering-new-gifts-to-add-to-my-skillset shifts. As in learning how to read the Akashic Records - and create soul essence art for my clients through them. As in healing clients with Chinese Energetics, which I was trained in by Becky Kimes. As in getting trained to be a Sacred Activations Practitioner and getting amazing feedback from clients.

As you may or may not know, one way I bridge my intuitive art and graphic design skillsets is by offering these magical, original one-of-a-kind channeled watercolor backgrounds for my visual branding clients. They either give me their brand colors (which I use as a starting point), or they tell me to tune in and purely intuit.

Here is the latest magical watercolor for a divine client. I also designed her logo intuitively (and recorded the design process on video), by the way. It's only 40 seconds long; you can watch it below:

The process and the colors and the depth all brought me back to flow. And how I'm ready to re-embrace mine more publicly. Because flow is NOT perfect. Watercolor proves that. It's flowy, and melty, and divinely, luxuriously JUICY to play with. And I absolutely know, with each watercolor piece, it will turn out completely perfect.

Just as life does, when we indulge in the luxury of our exploration. Of our adventure. In the ability to CHOOSE our destination and believe in the validity of our desires. 

Indulge. Melt. ENJOY.