Your Power is in YOU. Beyond the Golden Leaves.

Lovely golden leaves abound during a hike at the Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado.

Lovely golden leaves abound during a hike at the Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado.

When you're distracted by the leaves... it's time to center in your SELF.

As the noise continues to grow, as the "cool kid" cliques multiply, as the same people continually promote the same people in their exclusive "circles" (and you've got to pay to be included), as we're lured by bright shiny "I'm awesome and I'll make you awesome if you work with me" objects, as we're continually bombarded with people we've worked with taking full on credit for our own persistence and resulting success because maybe we talked to them for a few minutes... 

It can be easy to get caught up in the leaves, as bright and shiny and *golden* as they may be. 

But I'm honestly confused. Because we are EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US powerful beings. Powerful creators. Powerful in our amazing uniqueness.

Yet we're told, more and more frequently, that we need someone ELSE to validate us. That we NEED someone else to take us higher. 

We're told that we're not good enough on our own. 

Because someone wants a paycheck.

"Buy my thing and I'll put you in my special group ONLY for people who've paid me a lot, just like you did."

Seriously, what's up with all the exclusion and exclusivity?

Because you know what? Magic is available to us ALL.


See the clear blue sky through the golden leaves in this photo? That clear blue sky is YOUR clarity. YOUR purity.  And it exists BEYOND the golden distraction.

These golden leaves will eventually fall off the trees, just like all of the golden promises, the overly aggressive and braggy self-appointed goddesses who tell you that they'll make YOU one.  

What they don't count on is you KNOWING that YOU ALREADY ARE.

Because what is left when all the golden promises are gone? 

It is YOU, at your CORE.  YOU are the constant amidst change.

YOU are pure and perfect, just as you are. RIGHT NOW.