I Want to Hold Your Hand

I remember so clearly that day in 4th grade, when my teacher pulled me out into the hallway.

“How DARE you think you’re special!” she screamed at me. “You are NOT special!”

I remember how confused I felt. What had prompted this outburst? Why was she attacking me?

I remember crying. I remember telling my mother, who I’m pretty sure came to school and gave my teacher a piece of her mind.

I remember those words. Uttered in less than five minutes on one single day of my life. One single event that affected me for most of the following years. Even into adulthood.

And it’s the event most vivid in my mind when I sit and ask myself how I can explain why I do what I do.

Because I don’t ever want you to feel that small. To tell yourself, “How dare I admit that I’m special - beautiful and powerful and 100% me?” Or even having forgotten that you ARE special and telling yourself, “I’m definitely not.”

I don’t ever want you to assume you have nothing to offer. Or to be ashamed of who you are and what gifts you possess or the way you express them because, “How DARE you know your power?!”

Instead, I want you to feel held. Seen. Taken care of.

I want you to feel special.


I want you to look at one of my activated quantum frequency paintings, hanging on your wall, and FEEL that magic embracing you. I want you to feel that support and be able to relax as your own magic gets activated at deeper and deeper levels. And as you feel it, you’ll begin to claim your own magic. I want to see you lit up and beaming with delight every time you look at the piece that called to YOU because it’s activating - and you are recognizing - more and more of your own amazingness. Because my artwork does and will speak - and heal.

I want to teach you, step by step, to create your own oracle deck because I SEE YOUR POWER. And in order for your deck to be as special and powerful as it’s meant to be, you need someone to guide you through letting go of the clutter so that your True Signature oracle deck can emerge. I won’t let you tell yourself you’re not special enough to hear all the wisdom and beauty you’re meant to record and share!

I create logos and branding the way I do because I want to gift you with a powerful beacon OF your special-ness. I make sure that the graphics I create for you are not only aligned and energetically pure, but they are ALL YOU. The Real You. The Special You. You’ll never see me repurposing designs or selling random logos because your clients, your customers want as much of your Unique Essence as you’re willing to show. And I encourage you to bare it ALL.

I teach you how to paint intuitively using your own magical impulses because I want you to see the Creative Being I KNOW you are. To discover just how SPECIAL you are for expressing creatively in exactly the way YOU do. I will never teach you to be like me because that would be the ultimate disservice. Instead, I guide you to discover - and delight in - the special treasures you’ve been waiting and wanting to express, only you bought into the How Dare Yous...

I create magical pet portraits to connect your hearts in art, because our animals know how very special we are! I remind you of their unconditional love. Because the animals know how special you are. I want to remind you that YOU ARE WORTH LOVING. So my pet portraits are meant to reconnect you with that feeling of being special. Being fully SEEN and loved. And fully adored. As you deserve to be.

You deserve, not only to BE special, but to recognize that you are.

And that is what everything I do has in common.

I lead you (back) to your own magic. And joy.

And I will hold your hand, and remind you over and over again how special the unique YOU is, while you claim it.