AUDIO: Intuitive Art Playdate: April 29, 2016

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AUDIO: Intuitive Art Playdate: April 29, 2016


50 minute audio recording from the Intuitive Art Playdate on April 29, 2016. This is an audio you can play back again and again as you create!

No music this time - just talking you through getting out of your head, into your body, and creating from your heart. Meditation and mindfulness, and JOY and PLAY!

Feedback from this session:

"So during the zoom playdate this morning, it was so unusually easy to grab any art supply and just doodle and have so much fun!

It was very interesting - I noticed that hearing your voice and the energy of you creating without worry cancelled out the voices that would likely be in the quiet spaces of my own head if I were just drawing alone - the "Oh geez, this isn't going well, this looks dumb, I'm not a good artist, this is hard...." LOL and are those voices even MINE? or am I aware of everyone's judgments they have about art and making it?

The zoom appointment actually got me to dig out some art supplies and show up. Your words and energy kept the destructive thoughts away. And I had LOTS of fun, and kept going afterwards!

This creative play time, the energy of play that I got to step into (oh actually it was inside me the whole time!) is something that I'm going to carry into every aspect of the rest of my day today! Thank you so much, Mellie!"


"Mellie I have been itching to create art, for a long time, there was always some excuse, like I don't have colors and blah blah blah ... so I started going to art store, dollar store and started buying one thing a time, and then I totally forgot about that stuff hiding in the closet and yesterday when I watched the class, around 1 am I started looking for stuff and here in one closet all the magic was hiding <3 So I can not thank you enough to keep inspiring me. I love your artwork and your videos, and I remember you were saying "you bored us" you fear, hell no... your videos are fun and so full of energy <3 <3 Please keep doing what you are doing and inspiring others like me who are craving to get their hands colored with paint."

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