Good! Because I don't do "ordinary." 

I do MAGICAL. Because that's what *you* are.

I have 19 years of professional experience in the print and web design realms (see my professional LinkedIn profile here). AND I'm an intuitive artist and healer who infuses each piece with healing and high vibe energy (which your clients will FEEL).

This intuitive direction and energetic infusion is something EXTRA special, which I gift to you.

Let's produce something SHOWSTOPPING to the SOUL.

So your clients want MORE or you. MORE of your expertise. MORE of your magic. 

About Pricing

EVERYTHING I do is 100% custom and infused with magical healing and high vibe energy.

I don't have standard pricing, because it depends. YOU are unique. So is your content.

How much magic can you handle?

Ultimately, it's not about the cost. It's about the ENERGY. 

I work within your budget and help you find the best solution IN THAT RANGE.

For example, if someone comes to me and says," Hey, I need a website STAT, and my budget is only $500"... I'd probably recommend a very simple yet elegant single-page website with your own photos and a few accent graphics and a contact form. Listing of services or packages, About Me, a simple link to book or pay. It may not have bells and whistles, but it will still be magical. Because that's all I do!

I specialize in MAGIC. Conveying your MAGIC.

So check out a few of my recent examples below, and then hit me up via the contact form at the bottom of the page if my magic resonates with YOU. I can work with pretty much any pricing; I simply determine the most efficient AND beautiful path for us to take. So if you need for a solution within a particular price range, don't be afraid to ask. 

Listen to your gut; I'll never try to convince you. The most beautiful client work comes out of a beautiful natural energetic synergy. 

You'll already KNOW if I'm "the One." :)


First, a disclaimer. I've been in this industry for a LONG time. And it's inevitable that businesses will re-brand. That entrepreneurs will shift focus. So I'm not going to give you a list of all the sites I've ever done. Half of them most likely no longer exist, some have been horribly mutated by new management, and they just don't represent who I am and what I really do. I also can't show you the sites I've created while in various full-time web design/development jobs, because... confidentiality. Just trust me - it's a LOT! You can see my professional web and design roles on LinkedIn over here if you want to take a guess...

I build sites in both WordPress and Squarespace.

This site you're browsing right now? Squarespace, monthly e-commerce plan. I LOVE it. But YOU get to choose. I've had my web developer friends criticize my own choice, having moved from WP to SS 4 years ago now, but for a busy entrepreneur and mama who doesn't want to spend her free time making site backups before every new Wordpress update, it meets my needs for simplicity and speed.

When I'm designing for other souls all day long, the LAST thing I want to do is spend hours on my own site - I want to spend time making magic with YOURS! :)  Follow your joy - that's my motto - and I DO! <3


I designed the logo and all graphic illustrations. This entire website - graphics included - was created in 24 hours. (Email me if you'd like a quick and dirty - and high quality - turnaround!)


This is an e-commerce site using Squarespace. The amount of content I've created on this site, and the number of individual product listings I've set up, would qualify as an extremely comprehensive website design package.


This site was developed as part of a "website in a day" offer in 2016 (I also designed her custom magical logo and all site graphics). Since the site was initially developed, the client's business changed directions and she decided to abandon the site as-is. This is an example of what's possible when you want fast - and beautiful!


This site was created in 2014, and the client has not made any updates since then (although updates are definitely needed!).


Logo design happens to be one of my greatest joys and one of my favorite gifts to you!

Mellie really is amazing! She designed my first eBook “Making A Difference” and even though we’ve never met in person before, she had a very good & accurate feeling about what I envision from the very start. It was super easy to get in touch with her and each new draft was delivered in time and with the changes I requested. I particularly love Mellie’s ability to follow her client’s feedback as well as adding her own creative touch to the project. I am so proud and excited about what we’ve created together!
— Ramona Fellermeier
I’m in love with your creative!… you were able to tap into what I hadn’t even accepted spiritually yet - pretty amazing! Thanks for everything, Beautiful!
— Catherine
“Wow! Mellie is incredible! Before working with her, I’d hired a designer for my sales page, but it didn’t have the feel I was going for. My launch date was approaching fast and the recommendations I heard about Mellie were fantastic. I decided to go for it and handed my stuff over to her. She had the page up in record time, just a few days, and intuitively designed the best sales page I’ve ever had!

It absolutely felt like me, and I didn’t feel in any way that I had to baby sit or spend hours of time trying to explain what I wanted. She just knew.

DO NOT hesitate if you’re thinking of working with Mellie, she truly is a gem, a find, and so lovely to work with! Thank you so so much Mellie for your help. Couldn’t have done it without you.”
— Melissa Pharr


(Or if you'd like a 15 minute chat, schedule below - just $15 to honor our time!)

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