"Why are you in your car?" is the most frequent question. And I'll tell you:


We are here to express ourselves, and especially our SOUL selves.

IT IS TIME to unleash your own inner magic. To EMBODY it through creative expression. So that it can make a difference in your life!

And by creating intuitively in my car - by meditating, by painting, by drawing, by tapping into my intuition in the NOW moment - I show you that:


You can create ANY time. ANYwhere. With WHATEVER space you have available. With whatever TOOLS you happen to have on hand. In one video, I draw on the back of a post office receipt, for goodness' sake!

Don't believe me? Need some inspiration to make all those excuses fade away? Ready for some JOY and MAGIC?!


Have 5 Minutes, a Pen & Paper?

You don't need much to create. You can literally make art with ANYTHING. Have a single pen, pencil, or crayon? Have a scrap piece of paper? The goal here is to open your creative and intuitive channels. Exploring without attachment to invite in new possibilities (which also creates new neural pathways). A few minutes is all you need. That, and the willingness to PLAY.

Keeping Your Energy in the NOW Moment

Making quick "decisions" when anchored in your heart center, moment by moment, and literally PLAYING with color and marks allows your intuition to come out of hiding.  I'm using my super-prized Scmhincke watercolor set, but you can use any supplies you have on hand. :)  This video was recorded in my free FB group.

Setting Intentions During Solstice

Amplifying your conscious intentions by allowing the energy to direct your colors and movements. With my Moleskine knockoff sketchbook and some random art supplies in my travel studio pouch. Intuition is easy. And it's normal. All you need to do is ALLOW. This video was made during the Summer Solstice of 2016.

You Can Be Your Own Oracle!

By allowing your childlike curiosity to take over, and by asking questions and trusting where your attention is drawn (otherwise known as "nudges" or "intuitive hits"), you can receive your own guidance as you intuitively create! No agenda - all magic.

Paint With Supportive Energies

This 8 minute Mellie's Car Art video was recorded while I was waiting to pick my son up from school one afternoon. With my trusty waterbrush and portable watercolor palette and a sketchbook, I allow my intuition - and the energy - to guide me. 

Create & Magnetize Intentions

In this 13 minute video, we're deciding which feelings we wish to amplify. Then we generate a ball of energy to grow those feelings, and use our intuition to create artistically so that we can embody these desired feelings in our daily life experiences.

Imagination is the Gateway!

If you can imagine, then you can access your intuition. It's a matter of tuning in repeatedly - in each moment - and PLAYING. Because play is JOYFUL, which moves you into the higher frequencies and allows you to access more of your soul energy and more possibilities become available!

Get Over Perfectionism in Art!

Let yourself express it ALL. Perfect DOES exist, because perfect = AUTHENTIC. Let YOUR presence and energy shine into the world by expressing what's uniquely coming through YOU.

Let's Play, "What Happens If?"

Expressing joy. Getting super PLAYful. Because true MAGIC happens when we play. By allowing yourself to get into the state of playful, joyful curiosity and wonder, you'll open to more magic than your mind could ever manufacture!

Ready for MORE?! Find the entire playlist of 36+ Mellie's Car Art videos over on YouTube!

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