Apex Glow

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Apex Glow


6 inches by 6 inches mixed media on wrapped canvas - 1.5 inches depth.

Magically infused with these supportive and spirit-chosen Anahata Code Assisting Frequencies (Anahata Codes can be found at http://anahatacodes.com, and Mellie Test, the artist, is a certified CACP):

528 hz Solfeggio.
Miracle tone. DNA Repair. Heart Chakra Resonance. Anahata. Initiate transformation and miracles.

Communication / Thinking.

Emotion / Moods.

741 hz Solfeggio.
Awaken intution. Consciousness Expansion.

Bladder: Water Energy Yang Organ.
Balances lack of energy, being inflexible and fearful, resisting change and basic negative attitude
When Balanced: Hopeful, looking forward, calm and peaceful.

Dandelion (taraxacum officinale).
Magickal uses include divination, wishes and calling spirits. Increases psychic
ability. Dandelion has an “opening and cleansing quality… it opens passages.”

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